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Over in Ireland, Mr Eddie Patterson judged the Cirneco classes at Drogheda and awarded BOB to Eindackel Elured owned by Ms. Linda Dunn who also won BOB under Mrs Gail Patterson at Carlow.

Unfortunatley he stood alone on both occassions although he is a worthy Irish Champion.

It is very sad to find people who own and judge the breed not being supported by fellow exhibitors.

I was unable to attend myself as I was out of the Country on both occassions.

News from London where Anharbn Moulin Rouge appears to have had a successful mating. Judith tells me that Bellatrix is getting bigger by the day. Puppies should be due around 29th October.

The World show is being held first week in October and the Cirnechi listed in group 5, Spitz and Primitive types will be judge by Mr Hindse Jorgen, DK on Thursday 8th October. Results will be in the next notes.

Annikki Peltola in Finland has entered Jokinen AKA Anharbn Yellow River to Jyvaskyla Int in November and the both Winner Shows (Finnish & Nordic Winner) in December. I will let you know the results later.

I was supposed to be going to Zwolle this weekend but unfortunately I have another engagement taking priority. There were 5 Cirnechi entered including 2 of mine. It is one long journey to Zwolle in Holland and the main reason for going was to collect my new Pharaoh from Amsterdam airport but that has been re-scheduled for November so Amsterdam Winner will be next.