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At Border Union the Import Register classes were judged by Mr T. Mather. Best puppy was awarded to Hadranensis Remo. Best dog was the Lagotto and Res. best dog was Anharbn White Tiger, Best Bitch and Best Import was Anharbn White Wedding with Res. best bitch going to Anharbn Blue Bayou at Allanbru.

At Blackpool the import classes were judge by Mr. Glyn Griffiths, best puppy Hadranensis Remo and Res.Best bitch was Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga. Best Import was a Lagotto.

We have just returned from a very busy weekend in USA where we went to see some puppies and a bitch that I shall be shortly importing.

The journey was horrendous, landing in CDG, Paris ok then to board the 747 of which we sat on for almost two hours before the plane was grounded by inspectors. There were two of these planes grounded together so you can imagine 500 passengers queuing at the Air France desk trying to get another flight. David and I changed airline to Continental and flew the following morning having had to stay in Paris overnight. After arriving at CDG airport for the Continental flight, we were told it was overbooked and we could not go. After a few polite words and stamping of feet, we did board the plane but this time to Newark where we had to change again for our final destination. During all this, our luggage was lost in the system so we arrived in USA with no clothing. Due to it being only a two day stay over, all our luggage was in one case. We had just enough time to shop in the only store open to get a few essentials. We did manage to achieve our goal in the end and with super company. The American's we met were so friendly and we all dined out together at some of the best restaurants. Then the flights home, yet another problem. CDG, Paris again!!! the flight in was late and arrived as the flight to BHX was taking off. They landed our plane in the wrong terminal so we had to wait 4 further hours for the next flight home. I will be returning to see the puppies again but certainly not through CDG airport.