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Beatrix Anharbn Portes de la Moria has had her puppies and all are doing well. The proud farther is Anharbn White Tiger.

The day didn't start off particularly well when I realised out in the neighbouring field, there was a sheep in distress. I dressed accordingly and set off across the fields to help. Unfortunatley, she had been there for awhile and was very weak. My attemps at lifting her onto her feet were fruitless. After half an hour she fell back onto her side and died.

When I got back to the house, covered in 'you know what' Beatrix came into the lounge pushing and straining. I knew things we not right straight away and off we went to the vets. It took her 6 hours to produce 3 puppies and at 6pm we decided to finish off with a cesarean for the last two pups.

All the pups were of a good size and healthy.

The vet was amazed at the size of the puppies coming from a small breed of dog.

When I had my first litter of Cirnechi, I was a little shocked as the pups were born the same size as Pharaoh pups. The other interesting point is that they are standing up on their feet just clearing the ground and walking to the milk bar almost immediately. This is relevant to them being a primitive breed.

Beatrix is a wonderful mother and doesn't fuss too much with them unlike Yana who always carried her pups around in her mouth.

There are 3 males and 2 females registered as the PINK litter.


I hope you will all visit the Discover Dogs stand and good luck to everyone at Crufts 2010.