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Last weekend was Newtownards show in Belfast. The judge for Cirnechi was Mrs L Karkas who had an entry of 6.

Best puppy, Green Star and Best of Breed was Anharbn White Tiger. Multi Ch. Are But Not's Excalibur at Anharbn Was Res. BOB.

We were fortunate to be able to fit into our van Sarah Hughes' Pharaoh Neo, whom I have in partnership and he won GS & BOB and Group 3. So we had a great day in Ireland.

Azzurra of Bressars is due to whelp early this week and we are looking forward to hearing how many she has.


Jokinen in Finland (A. Yellow River) is looking good and Annikki at Vespinja's kennel is thrilled with him so far. Considering this litter was from Scarlet and Merlin, all the puppies are going to be well within the breed standard for height.


Donovan (A. Mellow Yellow) is attracting a lot of attention in Australia too and Helen Hayden had set the ball rolling with their KC to recognise the breed. He is in partnership with Skiska Pharaoh's/Ridgebacks and Vicorage Kennels.


The inaugural meeting for the Cirneco club UK will be held on Saturday June 13th at 2pm at Kelb Tal Fenek in Welshpool. Yes, it is my house but we have plenty of facilities and it's FREE. Not only that but some of those coming have not yet met Cirnechi in a home environment so you get two deals for one.

We are very easy to find as we are only at the border of England/Wales.

So far we have 50 registered interested members and we have the full backing of the English Ibizan Hound club. The Sloughi Club and the Pharaoh club also seem very interested but as yet have to have their meetings.