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At Bakewell show, Greg and Jackie's Eccellento Amberrea (Amber) won best import register..well done. On Saturday she also competed at The Houndshow 2010 and won the junior class. The post graduate class was won by Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga for Toni & Micheal and Danny and was handled to perfection by Rusty better known for her Basenji's.

Open bitch was won by Anharbn White Wedding and Open dog and best import register was Anharbn White Tiger (ww10).

Our judge on this occasions was Mr Peter Jolley who made the day very enjoyable with his whit and charm in the ring having just got drenched by the downpoor with his previous breed judging.

News from Finland from Annikki Peltola that Jokinen, Anharbn Yellow River completed his Finish Champion title with best dog at Kuopio International show. Her home bred Rauha who has the same farther as The Anharbn White litter was best bitch and best of breed. Congratulations Annikki and congratulations to Maddison, D'lea Daveru from all your offspring.

The first committee meeting of the Cirneco dell'etna club took place on 1st August with a full turnout. The Judges sub-committee has been formed and include Toni Agnew (Mwenga), Jill Morris (Anharbn), Rusty Grayson (Embeau) and Jane Moore (Hadranensis).

The sub-committee for the breed standards will be Jill & David Morris and Jane Moore and Dominic Tricomi.

Cup steward is Jennette Bayliss.

There will be a quarterly newsletter, content and design will be a ‘working progress’.



11th August 2010