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At Paignton Championship show the judge was Mr T Nethercott who awarded

Best Import & Best Puppy to Mrs Farleigh's Hadranensis Remo
Res Best Dog was Jen Bayliss' Eindackel Elrohir
Best Bitch also went to Jen Bayliss with Anharbn White Satin
Res Best Bitch was Mrs Cathy Allan's Anharbn Bluebayou Among Allanabru.

At D.L.C.S. Monkstown Int. Ireland, Breed Judge: Mrs H. Jensen awarded Green Star and CACIB Dog & BOB to Linda Dunn’s Eindackel Elured with the GS Bitch and CACIB going to J. Lappin’s Eindackel Elentari.

Elentari won the intermediate class with Pontin’s Eindackel Elenwe del Breuddwydni coming in second.

Gail Patterson’s Anharbn Bluebyonder del Rocksham won the Champion class.

More sad news from Scotland from Sarah Campbell of Anpusharian Hounds in that on Wednesday she woke to find her 9 year old Pharaoh had died. Cleo had not been well for but a short time and it was a complete shock to Sarah who is still grieving the loss of her husband Ian only a few months back. My sincere condolences to Sarah and hope that Minya the Pharaoh and Bella the Cirneco help her over her loss.