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At East of England there were 6 import register entries for Mrs E A Macdonald with best bitch going to Anharbn White Wedding and best dog was awarded to Anharbn White Tiger who was Best Import. Both Reserves went to the Segugio Italiano's.

It was a mad dash between rings from the Pharaoh ring to the Imports which literally ran straight after each other. Fortunately the rings were next to each other.

I was showing a male Pharaoh but as luck would have it he won both the CC & BOB so it was a close call between the two rings.

I must compliment Mr Frank Kane on the wonderful commentary in the group rings. Not only did he pronounce the breed name correctly but he also gave some information about what the breed is used for in it native Country. A far cry from the severe lack of information given in any other group ring including Border Union where the lap of honour was simply described as "the import register" not even a mention as to the breed name.

We have recently written to the KC regarding the Breeders stakes classes. The KC decided that we were not eligible to do these classes although the Breeders class as with the Junior Handling classes is not judged on the breed but on the breeder, therefore it should be irrelevant whether the breed is on an interim breed standard or not. If the KC take our money for registrations and the societies take our money for entries then we should be able to compete in the breeders class.

Maybe more people should put pen to paper and lobby the KC to change this rule.