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At LKA the judge for the Import classes was Mr M.Coad with an entry of 29.

Hadranensis Remo won Junior Dog and Anharbn White Tiger won Best Dog and Best Import Register, (Hound, Gundog & Terrier.)

Anharbn White Wedding was second in an open bitch class of 10 exhibits.

David and I then jumped into the MH and drove to Belgium for the Brussels Dog Show.

The Cirnechi have their own classes in Europe and we were judged by an Italian Judge which was nice as the breed is well know to most Italian judges.

Mr Giovanni Pentenero gave the Open Dog class to Anharbn White Tiger with 2 x CAC and CACIB. The Open Bitch class was won by Anharbn White Wedding 2 x CAC and CACIB with Multi Ch. Boxing Helena's Galadedia second. The Champion class was won by Multi Champion and World Winner 09 Boxing Helena's Gieffeffe.

Best bitch and Best of Breed was Anharbn White Wedding.

The Pharaoh we took also won Best of Breed and was shortlisted in Group 5 and the previous day at LKA was Reserve Best Dog.

In Finland at the Finnish Winner 2009 show on 12th December the judge was Kirsi Louhi from Finland with 11 dogs and 17 bitches.
BOB, FinW-09 Iosono Deja Vu with BOS, FinW-09 & Fin JW-09 Anharbn Yellow River.

At the Nordic Winner 2009 on 13th December the judge was Giuseppe Alessandra from Italy with 11 dogs and 18 bitches.
BOB, NordW-09 Verna del Gelso Bianco and BOS, NordW-09 Pablo del Gelso Bianco (both Italian bred dogs).
Anharbn Yellow River won NordJW-09 for the dogs along with Vespinja's Europa NordJW-09 for the bitches.

Many congratulations to the winners.

Beatrix Anharbn Portes De La Moria has finally come into season and will be mated (wait for it..) Christmas Day.

Multi Champion Giltedged Yana Anharbn will be mated this summer.

Zorro has settled in really well with the others and certainly makes his presence known outside, he sure has a voice. He has just become a farther to 6 puppies 3 of each. Unfortunately one small female did not thrive. Best wishes to Nancy and Loren in USA with that little handful.

That's it for the show season here in UK and all the dogs are settled down ready for their Xmas presents and Turkey Kibble.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all owners and readers.