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Toni Agnew went to Nantwich & Dist. C.S. with Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga last weekend

and went Best Imp. Puppy and Best Imp. under Judge Mrs. Angela Dunkley.

Hazel showed really well and there was a lot of interest in the Cirneco dell Etna as a breed from other show exhibitors.


As we are all getting older and a little stiffer in the joints, people who have shown and lived

with larger breeds for many years are now looking at the Cirnechi.

They are more biddable to live with than many larger breeds and have a very easy to maintain coat.

As a Hound we have found them to be easier to control off lead than some other hound breeds and currently have owners here in UK trying to introduce them to obedience and agility. It will be nice to hear how they progress.


Many of us that have competed at CC level for many years also appreciate the fact that Import Register classes are far more fun and friendlier as no-one really knows what breed the judge will choose.


Cirnechi can, depending on the handler, be shown on the floor or table according to what is more comfortable.

In Europe, they are shown as a floor standing breed but even at the Finnish Winners in December, they tabled the dogs.


Azzurra of Bressars has been mated this week so fingers crossed that she has caught and I will give further information as I receive it from the owners Girda & Lamis.