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Cirneco News
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‘Anharbn’ Cirneco dell’Etna
for 2014
Hi Folks

Life in our little Cirneco world has been very quiet for most of 2014. With having my new Pharaoh girl Tabby to train and get in to the show world together with Kat’s and Teddy this has meant the Cirneco’s have taken a back seat.

Painter (from the Brown litter) has joined Graham and Sadie Thomas with their Pharaoh gang and managed to make his debut at a few shows during the mid season and gaining some nice results as well. (well-done Graham).
Eve (from the Green litter) has also been out during 2014 and looks to be improving and going from strength to strength at each show she attends, well-done to Cherry with her training and patience.

Some very sad news was the loss in September 2014 of little Pipa (from the Pink litter) who while out walking with her family wondered to far and was hit by a car. Our thoughts will always be of a genital, affectionate little girl.
This also serves as a reminder that Hounds should always be kept on a lead when out and about and if let off you need to be one or two steps a head of what they are thinking.

We have managed to at least get out with our Cirneco’s for some lure coursing this year starting the initial training at home in the field with our own machine and coursing set up. Then attending some official races.
Not until the actual  full racing course of 680 m that the nature of some of the dogs came out. It was evident that not all Cirneco’s are born to chase a “trash” bag, some love just to follow the leader which when racing over a 680 m course show’s up their lack of interest, but at least there are plenty of replacements at home who are ready to have a go, and have really enjoyed the new sport. We now have a core team of 5 that are showing some serious promises for next year. The results for 2014 have placed Amy with 4 Best of Breeds and 88 points, Tigger with 2 BOB and 76 points. Tina,  Jagger and Alice where introduced late in the season so will need to do some catching up next year. It’s hoped that Kitch will also become part of the team for 2015.
The guys have become so worked up  at the start of the race that slipping two of them on the “Tally Ho” has become difficult. I have tried several different methods and some variations on slip leads, this will need some  experimentation and a project for me during the winter to get myself sorted, I can see several trips to the local saddle makers to develop a  set of slip leads that will suit Cirneco’s.
The dogs will now  have the start the Hunting season  to look forward too with the early dust evenings and crisp cold mornings it will be interesting to see how they perform in the new hunting area which has been set aside over the summer to allow the undergrowth to establish and become more dense, with it being part orchard and shrubs it should make for a enjoyable place to allow the dogs to work off some of those winter blues.

Earlier in the year I was pleased to be able to visit Jackie and her litter of Cirneco’s (and Manchesters) before they left to their new homes. Jackie arranged a puppy leaving party so all the new owners could get togeter. It was such a treat to be able to meet the owners with their new treasures starting out in to the world of being captivated by this enchanting breed. (and the best of luck with those sharp teeth and will do attitude)

In July David took Tina (from the Orange litter) on tour to Cornwall for the week. I’m not sure who enjoyed it most on arriving home there’s Tina so pleased with herself riding up front in the camper  and both of them coming back with stories about meeting Merkats, Pigs, Ponies and even nearly catching fish.
As always when you are out with the dogs it’s the same question’s , “what breed is it”, “a what dog”, “are they rare”, “that’s a Pharaoh puppy”, but this time on two occasions people actually where aware of the breed. They had seen them at a show or had read about them. Recognition is growing and as a breed the Cirneco is becoming of interest and known to the public which is all good news for the breed here in the UK.

The USA have had some great news with the AKC giving full breed recognition to the Cirneco dell Etna and from January 1st 2015  allowing them to compete in regular American Kennel Club sanctioned conformation matches and earn championship titles.