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Happy New Year to all the Cirnechi owners and readers of the breed notes.

Hope that you all had a good time with the snow, my dogs thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's a very strange thing but if I put a coat on my dogs, their legs don't work and they feel they have to stand still. Take the coat off and see then run. They never refuse to go out and play but I do have to limit the time the youngsters are out.

The first Championship show of the year where the breed was entered was Manchester.

Our judge was Mr Stuart Plane with an entry of 15 hounds. We are now getting a very good entry in the Imported Hound classes and hope this continues.

Excellento Alexandria Anharbn was at her very first show and found it all a lot to take in with the noise of the tannoy in the hall and crowds of people along with the showing it'self as we were next to the whippet ring. I was very pleased with how well she coped and was awarded Best Puppy.

Michelle Farleigh's Hadranensis Remo (imp) won his junior class, Limit and was Reserve Best Dog.

Anharbn Yellow Bird won the Post Graduate class and Toni & Micheal Agnew and Danny Cullen's female Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga was 2nd in the Limit D/B class so was able to challenge for best bitch.

Anharbn White Tiger won Open Dog and went on to Best Dog and eventually Best of Breed.

Anharbn White Wedding won the Open bitch class and was Best Bitch, BOS.

So all in all, the Cirnechi had a pretty good day all round.

It was nice to meet Diane Clark who is the working party treasurer for the new club who popped in to see us all.

There is a lovely young neutered male looking for a new home in Scotland. Unfortunately the breeder lost her husband and due to her being away at the hospital for many weeks, she found she was unable to look after him. Anyone who is looking to give a great home to this super little man please contact Sarah Campbell on 01887830779.