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The Eurowinner dog show in Dublin drew a good entry for Carla Molinari with the principle winners being, Ch Hadranensis Fedra for BGS,CACIB & BOB. Are But Not's Excalibur at Anharbn for Dog RGS,CACIB. Res BGS for Eindackel Elenwe del Breuddwydni and DGS to Ir Ch. Eindackel Elured.

Best Puppy was Hadranensis Romolo.

Lynda contacted me to say that a new home is required for Ir.Ch. Eindackel Elured and she can be contacted on her mobile: 353-867953280 or at work: 353-18708000.

There have been several suggestions as to a venue for the inaugural meeting at Championship dog shows. Unfortunately this would not be practical as many of the current Cirneco owners do not show their dogs and would not be present it would also detour interested member who at present do not own a Cirneco dell'Etna from attending and having a say. Therefore it is better to arrange a suitable venue which would allow the time and credibility to a meeting for the start of a new Breed Club so I feel that it needs to be central to the Country for both South and North interested members to attend. Due to the fact that the proposed club has no funds to pay for a venue. I propose that the meeting should go ahead at the original venue. If this is not acceptable, please make you comments known on the Website Forum.