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This week saw the birth of a litter of 2/2 puppies in Switzerland to the Swiss Lombards Kennels owned by Matteo and Yolanda. Mother of this litter is Hadranensis Helga and the sire being Bungo des Portes de la Moria from France.


Urska Trojar from Double Star kennel in Slovenia emailed with news that her female 'Let's be funny on Double Star' pet named 'FUN' is working as a theraphy dog (children with special needs and older people).

Even though they are a hound and a primitive breed, it shows how versatile the breed can be in the right hands.


It must always be remembered that this is a Primitive breed and has not been overbred as to change many of it's natural instincts. They are not labradors or lapdogs. Forcing yourself on the dog and placing the dog in unknown territory will only heighten their wariness.

They are a breed that is very intelligent and thinks for itself. The dog will decided if it likes a person or situation and should never be forced to accept these things because the human requires it to.

When meeting these animals, it is best to allow the dog to come to you and after deciding that you are OK, the dog will be very friendly, playful and affectionate. If you try to overpower the dog, it will just give you a wide berth.

Please don't expect the dog to accept situations it is not used to.


Crufts will soon be here and on

Thursday, Discover Dogs will be covered by Jen Bayliss, Toni Agnew, David Morris & Mark Rush. Friday will be Johnathan Lapin, Avril and Howard Pointon and Sue Bainbridge.

Saturday will be Myself, David Morris, Carole & John and Arthur.

Sunday the booth will be covered by Maureen Foley, Avril and Howard Pointon and Nicky Quinn.