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One of the main events in the Cirneco dell'Etna calendar has now past. Discover Dogs at Crufts with four days in which the breed has had the opportunity to expose it'self to the general public and to enable the breed to be an education to some and enter the hearts of others. The new look booth with it's background of a stone wall and the hanging lemons was by all accounts a great success and enticed many visitors to stop and talk. A measure of the general interest from the public, in this rare breed, will follow in future breed notes when the Cirneco owners who manned the booth relate there thoughts in writing. Another measure was the interest in the Club web site which slowly started to attract increased hits from Thursday night through to Wednesday of the following week. Some 150 new visitors must have taken the time to read the literature handed out over the four days. The web site has some photos posted on to it's ' galley of the booth' with the Cirnechi hard at work pleasing the crowd. I'm sure the whole Club and all Cirneco dell'Etna owners would like to thank all the people who took time and patience to help over the four days.

The next major event will be the Clubs AGM on the 6th June in Coventry. If you have any items for the agenda they MUST be made in writing to the Secretary by 30th March 2010. Details of the days events can be found on the Clubs web site.

Beatrix's puppies are growing fast and I cannot believe they are 4 weeks old already. Before we know it will be time to leave for their new homes.

Soon we will be welcoming new Cirnechi owners into the world of showing.

A few of the names had to be changed because the KC had registered affix's sounding similar but we soon found new names.