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Well, it sure has been a cold November and December so far, dog coats out and good tread shoes for us.

If you are not all aware yet, Cirnechi can suffer with frostbite on the ear tips so please take precautions and either wrap the ears in a snood, hood or coat with Vaseline on the tips as a protection. This is something I have always done with the Pharaoh’s and Cirnechi.

The ice can also have an effect on the feet especially if salt has been used to defrost paths, so take care.

Great news from the Kennel Club in that the Cirneco dell'Etna club has now been accepted. This is the second rung on the ladder after being accepted to the Import Classes.

I was unable to attend LKA this year due to having the flu so I offer my late apologies to the judge Mr S Parsons.

We had mixed import register classes with Gundogs, Terriers and Hounds. Best Import and Best Dog was Michelle Farleigh and Jane Moore's Hadranensis Remo.

Anharbn In The Pink was Best puppy Dog for Susan and Lee Cronshaw and Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga was reserve Best Bitch for Toni and Micheal Agnew and Danny Cullen.

In Finland, Annikki Peltola sends fabulous news that Finish Ch. Anharbn Yellow River won BOB, CACIB and Helsinki Winner 2010.

Many congratulations to everyone who has shown and won this year and I hope it may continue in 2011.

Well, that’s it for this year and may I take the opportunity to apologise for not sending Christmas cards this year but as some of you know, I only have half a house. Having the floors and electrics, bathroom, lounge and kitchen ripped out, I don’t seem to be able to organise a normal lifestyle, nothing unusual there then. Especially when you have water on in the kennels only and cooking facilities in the motorhome. Not easy I can say for two months.

Have a wonderful Cirnechi Christmas and all best wishes for the New Year.


Jill Morris -

13th December 2010