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I try to get to as many shows as possible with my Cirnechi but work sometimes does not allow, especially during the busy summer. I was saddened to read that at Paignton there was only one dog and one bitch shown in the Import classes. Best Dog & BIR was Hadranensis Remo and again at Bouremouth only two. BD & BIR to H. Remo and Best Bitch to Cathy Allan's Anharbn Bluebayou Among Allanabru. Thank you to those who attended. Hopefully with the introduction of the Import Register Support Group at the end of August it may encourage more import register breed owners to enter shows. This will then help to give the IPR classes at shows some recognition by the show societies.

It was most unfortunate and in my opinion, unacceptable that a recent judge made comment that he had never seen a Cirneco before and knew nothing about them. I can only ask that If you are accepting an appointment to judge Imported breeds, may I suggest that you read the breed standards and look at as many pictures as you can find. We do pay for your opinion!!!. Again, is this something that the IPRSG will be in a position to have a say in the judges we get or possibly allow a standard to which judges must strive to achieve before allowed to judge such a variety of breeds.

How wonderful it is to see the first group winner .. Lucky Del Borgo Di Pratica Anharbn who participated in his third official show in Finland. He was BOB, CAC and became Finnish Champion! And this was his third BOB. And guess what - in the group finals he went BEST IN GROUP. I think this is a first for a Cirneco - unless you know different. What an Achievement. Many congratulations to Inka Luomanmaki. I hope his pups follow in his superb footsteps.
Fin Ch. Anharbn Yellow River, (AKA Jokinen)'s daughter, Vespinja's Highland Mist, (AKA Sumu) was BOS. Congratulations to Annikki Peltola.
Breed judge was Gert Christensen (DK) and group judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehtonen (FI), Valkeakoski national show 13.-14.8. 2202 dogs entered: I once won group under this judge with a Pharaoh Hound in Belgium around 4 years ago. The same judge placed Vespinja's Hazel River (AKA Hertta) who is also a Jokinen daughter as Best in Show 2 junior a week earlier. It's very unusual for cirnechi in Finland to be placed in group finals let alone to win.

Also FI V-10 NO V-10 Chininas Ursula un Uragano Lieve, made Swedish Cirneco history with a Group 2 at Ronneby INT show, 14/8-11. This was Lavas third group placement at INT shows.

Many congratulations.

On the puppy front Martin and Mona of the Caprica Kennels in Norway have a litter of puppies born on the 24th May 2011 contact for further information.

At WKC the best Import Register dog was Int.Ch. Anharbn White Tiger WW10 with the BIR going to the Bovarian MH from an entry of 11.

Our last puppy has gone to Finland so they are all now settled in their new homes. Good luck to all those future show dogs but remember, win or loose, they are the dogs you own, love and always the best dog to take home.


Jill Morris


23rd August 2011