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Swim Session Prices:
Initial assessment & swim: £35.00
Follow-up swims: £25.00
Puppy (12 weeks to 9 months) Swims
Initial swim: £20.00
Follow-up swims: £20.00

Before booking your first appointment you will need your veterinary surgeon to refer your pet for hydrotherapy treatment.

Initial Swims up to 1 hour. Follow-up swims up to 30-40 minuets.
Cancelled swimming sessions, within 24 hours will be charged at the standard rate, with in 48 hours 50% of the standard rate. Over 48 hours notice no charge.
Please ensure your dog is not feed within 4 hours of swimming. It is important that your dog re-leaves it self before entering in the pool area. Any fouling in the pool will be charged £50.00.

Only the Dogs that will be undergoing the swimming session will be allowed in the pool area.
It is not advisable to bring children to the session as all effort and concentration must be given to the dog to get the best out of the session.

Any photo’s taken with in the pool area must be approved by us before they can be used / published or posted in any form.